Exterior Signs

At frost signs we can offer a wide range of exterior signage solutions from Fascias to wayfinding and site information. Our team can help find the right product for you.
Whether your creating a new sign or simply updating an existing one, our bespoke service will cater to your exact needs.

Free Standing Signs

Free Standing signs come in a variety of forms from A-boards to mini-monoliths. These signs are ideal for shops and other retail business as a way of getting the consumers attention and drawing them in.

Such signs are designed so as they can easily be put out on the pavement or forecourt but can then be packed away when closing or easily moved.

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These signs are a fantastic way to extend your branding into the street and add some extra dimensionality to your shop frontage.

It’s important for any business to stand out and show clearly to those passing what they can offer. Your fascia and window displays are great for those looking directly at your shop or business but with free standing signs you can target the consumer long before they reach your premises.

This means that your consumers are making an informed decision on whether to enter rather than going on a more passing hunch and are more likely to use your services or buy your products feeling they came in for a reason as apposed to just deciding to take a look.


No matter if you are looking to update your look with a new design or simply need to update an old and worn sign, at Frost Signs we can ensure a professional service with fast delivery and precise installation.

Fascias may just be the most important part of your business signage. This is, in a very real sense, the face of your business and is often the first thing people see.

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As a business and employer you will know just how important first impressions are. So having a Fascia that highlights your Brand, looks professional and says just who you are is essential. At frost signs our design team will work with you to understand your brand and business image and ensure you receive a high quality bespoke product with professional installation.

Window Graphics

Whatever the reason you need a graphic for you can be assured that we will work closely with you to design and create a bespoke display that is tailored to the look and feel you seek.

Window graphics are ideal for shops though they have many other areas of application. This is because they are ideally suited to window displays. This could be as images of products on offer or as some form of boarder to frame the display inside the window.

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Here at Frost Signs we have the tools and knowledge to allow us to print high quality full colour images for graphic application as well as being able to cut intricate designs from vinyl which are suited to creating framing graphics.

Such vinyl applications are relatively cheap to produce and can be easily removed and updated in future. This means you can even change your window graphics as you change window displays.

Fabricated Lettering

Here at Frost Signs we have a highly skilled team of designers and fitters. We are able to work with you from concept to creation and onto installation to create a sign that really shows the brand image you wish and have worked to create.

Fabricated lettering is a great way to make your business stand out. This sort of fascia sign is especially suited to large office buildings and industrial areas where smaller signs might otherwise seem lost in the vast size of the building.

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Fabricated lettering is a three dimensional sign form making the lettering stand proud of the surface and adding depth. If this doesn’t make your sign, and more importantly your brand, stand out enough, fabricated lettering can also be fitted with lighting to create a light sign.

Such signs really stand out and make your business visible from a far greater distance as well.

Exterior Boards

Exterior Boards are large sign boards perfect for advertising and service displays. These range from billboards and wall mounted signs to fabricated signs and monoliths.

These signs really make an impact and are ideal for advertising everything from product services to events and even your business itself.

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With our highly skilled design team we can help you to create and deploy signs and advertisement boards that will not only create an impact but which will emphasise the services you wish to push most.

Wayfinding Posts

Here at Frost Signs we can help you to design and install a sign that will provide a clear and effective means for people to find their way.

These exterior versions of wayfinding signs are large scale signs designed to ensure people can navigate between buildings, around campuses or through outdoor spaces.

They can be created in many forms from monoliths to pointing sign posts or just as a simple board.

Site Boards

No matter what your site requirements, at Frost Signs our team is ready to create and supply signage to suit your needs. We can ensure a high quality product, supplied quickly and at competitive prices.

Site Boards are an essential part of any work site. They have a range of uses from site safety information, to site maps as well as to inform people what the site is intended to be used for.

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The most important of these is of course site safety information and at Frost Signs we can provide you with boards relevant and specific to the safety needs of each individual site or site area your workers are in. We can also supply bespoke site board maps which will help to ensure the smooth running of your site. By providing a clear visual overview workers are able to maintain a mental reference helping them more easily navigate a site while focused on their tasks.


We will work with you to transform your hoarding boards into billboards, utilising the fullest potential of this temporary space to advertise your business. This is a great way to show the public what they can expect when the work is finished and can help reduce concerns by acting as an information point and puts a face, as it were, to whats going on.

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Hoardings are a part of almost any work site, especially in the case of store refurbishments. They are uses to help contain dirt and dust created from works as well as to aid in the reduction of noise.

But as many businesses understand these days a plain hoarding might hide a messy work site but it could be doing so much more. At Frost Signs we can design, print, cut and install almost any vinyl graphics you would like.

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are a fantastic way to help get your business noticed. These signs are especially useful for those businesses which operate late hours.

Light box signs have a couple of advantages over other forms of signage, not least that they act as a beacon and clearly advertise your business even when it’s dark.

So why not just shine a light on a standard sign? Well this can be a solution and often works well. However this hard lighting is often uneven and spaces between lamps may appear dark and hard to read while spaces directly in the light may be washed out and occluded by glare. This effect is intensified due to the contrast, similar to when you leave a dark room into bright sunlight or switch off the lights and it takes the eyes and brain a moment to adjust.

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A Light Box on the other hand produces diffuse light. This is light that has been reflected and then emitted from a surface. In this case the light reflects around the inside of the box, spreading and becoming more even in intensity before it is emitted through the face of the sign.

Not only is the light more even ensuring all areas of your sign are displayed equally, the image produced and received by those passing is a direct projection meaning a brighter, more vibrant and clearer image can be seen. This is due to the fact that reflected light loses energy when it hits a surface, becoming less intense, while light passing through a surface loses far less.

Swing Signs

It is knowledge and understanding that allows us to work with you and produce a bespoke and traditional signage solution and to do so in a style that suits your needs, from the classic to the contemporary and anything in between.

Swing signs are one of the earliest forms of signage to be widely used. Such signs have been around since the middle ages and have always served to attract customers to a business as well as to define that business.

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Traditionally such signs would be painted with pictures that the owner hoped to be memorable and out-standing in a time when many people would not have been able to read. This made such signs the fore-bearers of modern branding in a commercial sense.

Here at Frost Signs we understand 3 key factors: First is the history of our profession, Second our Clients and their Brand and Third is the modern sign making processes and technologies.

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